The Good Rascals is a podcast about outsiders who care and dare to reimagine the world. Many people feel as though they don’t fit in. Some take that feeling and turn it into passion and constructive change. Artists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, as well as all sorts of outsider people where titles don’t quite suit them, will be interviewed by host Kevin Del Principe about why they identify as outsiders and how they have turned that energy into changing the world for the better.

“I’ve always felt like an outsider who does not fit in but still cares about the world. Who is with me? My thought is that lots of people feel this way, and that feeling apart from institutions but still connected to them is a good posture to reimagine the world. This podcast is about highlighting people who are on a path less traveled but keep walking and caring and imagining different ways of being. I’m interested in chatting with and learning from rascals who use their mischievous ways to make the world better.” Kevin Del Principe, host of The Good Rascals

About the Host: Kevin Del Principe, Founder of Dog Heart Land and Co-Founder of production company Save Them Wild Dogs, is a writer and film director. The son of a snowplow truck driver and a school nurse, Kevin grew up outside of Buffalo but now makes his home in Memphis. I Animal is Kevin’s debut novel, published by Tumbleweed Books. He directed and co-wrote the feature film Up on the Glass, available in North America through Gravitas Ventures and in the UK via Miracle Media. Kevin earned his MFA in Writing for Screen and Television at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Special thanks to Brian Pascoe for creating the jingle for The Good Rascals. Check him out on instagram @brianpassgo. Intro podcast lyrics written by Kevin Del Principe.


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  • Ep 17 Rollence Patugan - Shining a Light on What Should Be Evident: People Have Value
    Is art required to remind us things that we ought to already know? Rollence Patugan (photographer and college teacher) chats with Kevin about his artistic motivations. Kevin also shares a story about how Rollence gave him one of his photographs during a challenging time in his life. Source/Mention/Resource: Article - "At War with the Obvious" […]
  • Ep 16 Aris Lanaridis - The Beautiful Music of Empathy: And the Power of Perseverance
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe interviews Aris Lanaridis (composer and lecturer in Music). Aris composes for film and various media. On this episode, Aris chats about the connections he sees between narrative and music. He also shares a message of encouragement and perseverance to the next generation.  Source/Mention: Hunter Thompson Quote
  • Ep 15 Katherine E. Lewis - Family and Place: Rewriting the Rules
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe interviews Katherine E. Lewis (writer, storyteller, and filmmaker). Katherine’s written for TV, podcasts, storytelling apps, and recently, she’s co-written a novel. Other storytelling mediums for Katherine include: drawing, painting, and animating. On this episode, Kevin and Katherine chat about the coming-of-age novel that she co-wrote with her sister Rebecca Lewis, […]
  • Ep 14 Megan Murtha - Blue-Collar Art: Making the Process the Point
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe interviews Megan Murtha (playwright, director, composer, and professor). Megan and Kevin share their experiences growing up in West Seneca, NY and how their hometown had an impact on their artistic practices. Megan explains how she is focusing on cultivating a supportive, community-conscious process in her art as well as alternative ways […]
  • Ep 13 Kyndle Wylde - This is the Work: Tell Your Story to Encourage Others
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe interviews Kyndle Wylde (musician, singer, & songwriter). Kyndle explains how she learned to listen to her inner voice to tell her own story on her debut EP, Kyndle Wylde. Kyndle and Kevin both share stories from their youth where they felt on the outside of things and how these experiences […]
  • Ep 12 Mark Blaszak - Life Advice: When Asked to Play the Bass, Say Yes Even if You Don't Play the Bass
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe interviews his long-standing friend and creative partner Mark Blaszak (entrepreneur, business owner, videographer, cinematographer, storyteller, & co-founder of Uplifter Video). Mark and Kevin chat about how they became friends in high school by playing in a band and how their creative partnership has continued all these years--most recently by working […]
  • Ep 11 Matt Chavanne - Hit the Snare a Little Louder: Duality, Unity, & Community
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe interviews his friend/cousin Matt Chavanne (lighting designer, electrical engineer, musician/drummer for Humble Braggers). Matt and Kevin chat about their upbringing and how they've become closer over the years. Matt describes maintaining a career that is both technical and creative and how there is unity between these concepts that are often […]
  • Ep 10 Rob Currin - Do Not Mess with the Library: Competition, Inspiration, & Creation
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe interviews his longtime friend Rob Currin (teacher, coach, creative). Rob and Kevin chat about how their friendship began while rallying for the local public library. Rob explains the nexus between competition, inspiration, and creation. *The three books whose ideas I mentioned in the podcast were Making Movies by Sidney Lumet, Falling […]
  • Ep 9 Jon Hornyak - Finding Freedom and People to Show the Way
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe interviews his friend and neighbor Jon Hornyak (musician, entrepreneur, Sr. Executive Director of the Memphis Chapter at the Recording Academy). Jon explains the importance of mentorship in his multi-faceted music career, and how the Recording Academy now has mentorship programs. He also shares how Memphis provided him creative freedom as […]
  • Ep 8 Gerry Trentham - Body Awareness and the Benefit of Being Taken Down to Zero
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe interviews his friend Gerry Trentham (dancer, choreographer, Artistic Director of pounds per square inch performance, teacher). Gerry shares how increasing body awareness allows for a greater sense of both pleasure and pain. He also chats about how certain questions can bring a person to zero, but at that place there […]